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This paper discusses the effect of Turkish Culture, which enhanced its existence in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the historical period, on Bosnian Culture by providing examples from the food culture. The purpose of this paper is to discover Turkish…
Author: İYİYOL, Fatih

In its simplest form, the concept of e-Government means the conduction of mutual duties and services between citizens and the state in an uninterrupted and safe manner. In this respect, e-Government enables the provision of public services to the…
Author: Özgökçeler, Serhat Bahtiyar, Görkem

In the 20th century, with F. de Saussure’s bringing scientific approach to the language , language/ word separation has been made in the language. The foundation of this separation was attributed to the language with social dimension and to word…
Author: Çetin, Mustafa

The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between social support, social self-efficacy and submissive behavior. Participants were 317 university students who completed a questionnaire package that included the Submissive Behavior…
Author: Çardak, Mehmet İskender, Murat Koç, Mustafa

Finding the best way to catch the attention of young EFL learners through effective classroom management by means of games, realia, role-playing and, drama is of great significance due to the fact that the world of young learners consists of …
Author: Yüksel, Hasan Halıcı, Yekta

In this study, general information has been given about Makbul-i Arif (Witness of Potur)- Turkish-Bosnian Verse Dictionary-then the dictionary part was rearranged according to Turkish index. Bosnian counterparts are shown in Turkish index by taking…
Author: Yapici, Sefika

Abstract:This study was undertaken to assess identify the state of Turkish consciousness in the teacher candidates. In study were applied “Turkish Consciousness Scale” (TCS) that developed by Yaman (2010). Students receive their scores from…
Author: YAMAN, Havva YAMAN, Erkan

In this study the faculty members who served in the Civil technician training in Construction Technology Program which one of two-year Vocational Technical High School Program, have been trying to search for relating to alumni comments and …
Author: Uğur, Latif Onur Bekem, İlknur Korkmaz, Serdar

It has an up most importance of the construction technician students to have professional information as well as to have an ability to cope with the people and the foundations necessary. In this study the importance of the case study has been…
Author: Uğur, Latif Onur Bekem, İlknur

The purpose of this study is to develop a sensitivity scale intended for teaching profession. It is assumed that those who pick teaching as profession should have an inherent tendency for this job. The research is developed based on five stages …
Author: UYGUN, Selçuk SAHİN, Çavus OKUR, Emel
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