Evaluation of Vocational Education Construction Technician by Lecturers

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Evaluation of Vocational Education Construction Technician by Lecturers


Uğur, Latif Onur
Bekem, İlknur
Korkmaz, Serdar


In this study the faculty members who served in the Civil technician training in Construction Technology Program which one of two-year Vocational Technical High School Program, have been trying to search for relating to alumni comments and suggestions about classroom curriculum, industry-based training applications, information systems. For this purpose a questionnaire was administered to teaching staff who served in different vocational schools of different universities which consists of 28 questions. Survey in the context of the teaching staff of the course content, how much they are happy, whether they think the theoretical and practical lesson hours in curriculum classes, the laboratory facilities of the application whether or not, technical field trips, conferences, seminars served in the vocational schools which are applied in frequency were asked. Apart from problems related to curriculum, construction technician has a very important place in teaching that the inspection of industrial training, internship and then interview, examination and achievement levels of students received a result that responses were evaluated. The ideas of the construction teaching staff in arranging a national symposium on education technicians and construction sectors in the field of civil engineering/construction teacher/architectural education provider to do joint activities with the perspectives were investigated. In addition, surveys of faculty members applied the quality of construction technicians in the art are also to be thinking about. Some results of the findings of this work, a symposium is desired as soon as possible broad participation with a construction technician education, the construction industry different topics technicians was trained with organizations collaborate and projects consolidated at being desirable, training of the overall goal reached, but inspection and examination of the continuing benefits, monitoring system on the development of graduates are beneficial.


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