Case Study Orginated Education in Construction Technology

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Case Study Orginated Education in Construction Technology


Uğur, Latif Onur
Bekem, İlknur


It has an up most importance of the construction technician students to have professional information as well as to have an ability to cope with the people and the foundations necessary. In this study the importance of the case study has been investigated. A case study has been applied to the students to determine the developments in their professional life and solutions, in one term time; and to determine acquisition a survey has been done. The survey has been done to the Ahi Evran University, Kaman Vocational High School Construction Technology students during Construction Management course. 23 cases have been selected from experience which had been leaved at different times and places. Every week 2 cases have been read, and the students have been asked how they would react if he/she were one of the person in the cases. After taking the written answers, oral debates have been done, and the opposititons were seen with the students. At the end of the term a survey has been done to determine how useful the case studies were. It has been seen that case study has been found useful by most students as it gave them an idea of the professional life to be emphatic. It is thought that such technicqs can be useful for the students to prepare them to the professional life.


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