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Poverty is among the significant issues that the governments should tackle with. This problem has social and cultural dimensions as well as the economic dimension. From day to day, so many international and national bodies apply policies to cope…
Author: ÖZDEN, Kemal

In 2008 when I visited to Jakarta for editorship of the book “Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Indonesia” two different survey studies with regard to entrepreneurs and companies were completed. In face to face meetings with company supervisors and…
Author: ÖZDEMİR, Selim

“Civil Society Organizations” (CSOs), especially by developed societies, are "started to be re–explored" since 1970s in consequences of social welfare states' crisis, domination of neo–liberal philosophy and policies in the world, spreading of…
Author: ÖZDEMiR, Süleyman PARLAK, Zeki

This study investigates the relations between agencies and hotels in Turkey, from the perspective of business to business marketing. Drawing on the data obtained from 189 agencies by a survey. The results of the research show that six variables are…
Author: ÖZDEMiR, Suayip KARACA, Yusuf

The aim of the study is to investigate the telecommunication sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina with respect to the liberalisation process mentioned by the Public Governance Committee of the OECD and the sustainable development goals introduced by…
Author: ÖZALTIN, Oğuzhan SEZGiN, Aykut DEMiREL, Onur

The aim of this paper is to perform an exploratory spatial data analysis on the democracy and development level of the 76 Turkish regions over 1995-2001. While our choropleth maps indicate that the Western part of the country is significantly more…
Author: ÇELEBiOĞLU, Fatih ALTAY, Hüseyin

This study aims to determine the life values profiles of the students of Suleyman Demirel University according to demographic variables whether it changes. The theory part of the research about life values is consist of Maslow, Rokeach, Hofstede…
Author: ÇARIKÇI, ilker Hüseyin ÖZKUL, Ahmet Sait TAS, Sebahattin

The professional criteria can be neglected in both the developing countries and the countries that have intensive traditional ties. One can be recruited or appointed according to his relations with a politician, the owner or the manager of a…
Author: ÇARIKÇI, ilker Hüseyin ÖZKUL, Ahmet Sait OKSAY, Aygen Demir UZUNBACAK, Hasan Hüseyin

The aim of writing this paper is to reveal that the implication of the crisis to the western Balkans has been not of a sort of financial crisis, but an economic turbulence which has occurred as a result of lack of demand in the world markets to the…
Author: iSMAiL, Ergin SAHiN, Semi

Achieving congruence between the values of the employee and the organization which often is called person-organization (P-O) fit that has gaining a growing interest in the organizational behavior field in recent years is the main theme of this…
Author: iPLiK, Fatma Nur YALÇIN, Azmi KILIÇ, Kemal Can
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