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This paper attempts to explore the relationship between financial development and economic growth for Turkey over the period 1968-2007. For this purpose, we used an endogenous break unit root test as suggested by Zivot and Andrews (1992) and the…
Author: KIRAN, Burcu YAVUZ, Nilgün Çil GÜRİS, Burak

The performance measurement and management is an important process for decision-makers in any type of organization. One of the performance measurement tools available is the balanced scorecard, which provides a comprehensive set of financial and…
Author: ŞENYİĞİT, Yigit Bora

It is not possible to say that, while meeting its endless demands and needs, humankind has made use of the ecological environment economically which is one of the sources of the community. The signs that have seen over the last ten years shows…
Author: ŞENOL, Hasan AKTÜRK, Ahmet

As a natural part of global ecosystem, forests have been destroyed continuously despite sustainable principles. In Turkey, forestation has started as utility forestation and production forestation just as everywhere in the world and later on the…
Author: ŞAHİN, İbrahim Fevzi SEVER, Ramazan KOCA, Halil KAYSERİLİ, Alperen ALTAŞ, Namık Tanfer

Increase in globalization and internationalization in markets has created a complex business environment for all size firms. This has led to the transformation of the relationships between firms and growing use of cooperation agreements by all…
Author: İPLİK, Fatma Nur KILIÇ, Kemal Can

This presentation aims to explore the symbolic construction of Turkish nationalism during the early Republican period in order to trace the origins of the anti-global nationalism in today’s Turkey. It discusses the symbolic bases of Turkish…
Author: İNAÇ, Hüsamettin

The Global Financial Crisis of September 2008 is triggered by a dramatic rise in mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures in the United States. With its destructive consequences for financial markets and institutions around the globe, it has exposed…
Author: ÖZSOY, İsmail GÖRMEZ, Birol

The financing scheme has a crucial function in an economy since it enables fundowners to transfer their funds to those in need. Unless the financing scheme operates effectively, economic growth is hampered severely due to the inadequacy or…
Author: ÖZSOY, İsmail GÖRMEZ, Birol

The construction sector is regarded as a significant factor influencing economic policies in developing countries like Turkey. Construction investments play an important role in short term economic growth whereas infrastructure investments are…
Author: ÖZKAN, Filiz ÖZKAN, Ömer

This research presents Spectral Management Types and carrying out of these styles in Turkish managers. This approach leads to eight different kinds of management types. Spectral theory of personality consists of three important characteristics of a…
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