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Dogan Yucel - Article.docx
Turkisms in the Balkan languages continue to be an essential research subject since Karadzic published the first Serbian Dictionary in 1818. Turkisms studies have been compared to countries where the studies were published, the researchers'…
Author: Doğan YÜCEL

Abstract: The question of gender differences in language use has been repeatedly explored and claims about these distinctions that were once considered invariable have been questioned and refuted. One of the less explored areas within this issue,…

Nedima - Article.docx
The literature has described linguistic deviations from the conventional use of English in
Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) as distinguishing aspects of language used on
the Internet. (Page, Barton, Unger, Zappavigna, 2014) The purpose of this…
Author: Nedima Krndžija

Abstract: This paper examined the linguistic landscape of the Governorate of Farwaniya, the biggest governorate in the State of Kuwait, by means of public and private signs displayed in the city center and side streets. A corpus of 150 photos of…

U ovom radu ćemo, kroz analizu normativnog okvira za djelovanje ovih
institucija, ali i njihov sam aktivitet, te aplikaciju međunarodnih standarda u BiH,
pokušati doći do odgovora na pitanje da li je Bosna i Hercegovina država ili
Author: Davor Trlin, Esad Oruč

Mind colonization has been a burning issue in the last few
decades in the fields of science and humanities. It is argued that mind
colonization of the indigenous populations has been conducted via
education and language in the mission of…
Author: Adisa Ahmetspahić

The nascent field of news literacy is often described as a
subset of media literacy. A review of international scholarship with
regard to news literacy conceptualizations confirms that there are
diverse and competing notions of its definition and…
Author: Kimberly Callecod-Weinrich

Abstract: Deontology, the science of teaching professional duties refers to the moral obligation of teachers towards students. The principle of ethics: "Age quod agis" or "Do (well) what you're doing“involves legislation, psychology of communication,…

Abstract: Semantic preference and semantic prosody are two notions that were carefully analysed in post-Firthian corpus linguistics and in the past few years there has been a growing interest in them. As corpora have become larger in size, and tools…

JEH_Gjuran Coha_Tomak_The attitudes towards the use of Anglicisms.docx
In this research paper, we will explore the laypersons' attitudes towards the use of Anglicisms
in medical language. Some communication difficulties may arise between patients and their
doctors because patients' knowledge of medicine and…
Author: Anamarija Gjuran-Coha Tajana Tomak
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