Deontology of Teachers, Socrates Oath or Code of Ethics

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Deontology of Teachers, Socrates Oath or Code of Ethics


ISSN 2566-4638
DOI 10.14706/JEH2018126


International Burch University


Journal of Education and Humanities
Volume 1 (2)


Winter 2018


Abstract: Deontology, the science of teaching professional duties refers to the moral obligation of teachers towards students. The principle of ethics: "Age quod agis" or "Do (well) what you're doing“involves legislation, psychology of communication, behavior and ethics. Overcoming pedagogical ethics as attitude towards professional obligations, community and colleagues, it studies the rights and duties regulated by the code of the profession. The difference between Bentham's and Kant's views about duties is the difference between professional oath and school's code of ethics. Therefore deontology consider duties as base of moral and professionally mature person who swears to success, while code of ethics is based on a mistrustful society that doubt in the identity of moral values, professionals and society as well.


Melisa Zukić


Key words: deontology, code of ethics, Socrates oath

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