Translation and Translators in Romani Context

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Translation and Translators in Romani Context


ISSN 2566-4638
DOI 10.14706/JEH2018124


International Burch University


Journal of Education and Humanities


Winter 2018


Abstract: Since the area presenting former Yugoslavia has no mandatory Romani langauge classes and consequently no offically recognized translation classes, nor does it provide training for Romani translators, this paper deals with the experience and the current situation of Romani translation and translators. Theoretical background of Polysystems, Descriptive Translation Studies (DTS), Skopos and non-systems oriented ‘Cluster concept’ provide support for a better approach to translation in the Romani context. ‘Cluster concept’ allows the possibility to create a definition of Translation Romani as a new approach to Translation Studies. As translation represents one of the ways to preserve and develop linguistic vitality in the minority languages, reassuring its speakers, activating the creation of new vocabulary, and strengthening domains of language use that are under-used, it also applies as a way for creating translation strategies for teaching Translation Romani. This research is grounded in personal experience, and presents the beginning of the research on Translation Romani (TR).


Hedina Tahirović-Sijerčić


Keywords: translation, Romani language, Roma, Romani translator, Romani translation, training

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