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In this paper I will try to lay out how I define and implement the most valued concept of our time at the school I have been working in for two years. I will analyze the questions below that I see critical in terms of “realizing” the democratic…
Author: Türkyılmaz, M. Uğur

Literature creates its own universal language. This language has always become the voice of mankind at large. Henrik Ibsen, a Scandinavian author living in the 19th century and Ülker Köksal, a Turkish playwright living in the 20th century depicted…
Author: Turgut, Fehmi

The obscure and often make-believe portraits of the Turks, coupled with preconceptions and prejudices against Islamic nations of the East always occupied a significant place in English dramatic literature, particularly during the Elizabethan…
Author: TUÇ, Evren

Tale, which has been the subject of research studies in Bosnia-Herzegovina and around the world, is a type of oral narrative which doesn’t have to be plausible, yet may make the reader believe in its plausibility; based on morality, useful and…
Author: Sümbüllü, Yusuf Ziya

The guild system in Ottoman State maintain its vitality as an economic and social system until nineteenth century. The masters and apprentices who construct guild system lost their chances of economic entegration to the new system brought by…
Author: Seker, Kadir

The argument for using music in educational context has been debated for years. The literature in this field is mostly based on anecdotal stories and the researchers mostly base their studies using the other disciplines such as psychology and…
Author: Sağlam, Emine Buket KAYAOĞLU, Mustafa Naci

The aim of this study was to investigate the Sports and Physical Education teachers’ perceptions of student bullying in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. The study also attempted to investigate the role of “school atmosphere”, “gender” and “role model”…
Author: Sahin, Mustafa

Tales have an important place and value in transferring and adopting national and universal values. Tales as a genre in folk literature are very rich in terms of language features and values. Tales deal with humans’ common feelings and thoughts…
Author: OGUR, Erol

World economic crisis has variously impacted higher education in the countries of the Europian Union and South East European Countries, which are not members of the European Union (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, The…
Author: OBRALIĆ, Tarik Obralić, Hanifa

Theatre does not only provide people with mere entertainment but also throughout history it has functioned as an effective instrument through which those in power impose their policies or playwrights vigorously criticize these policies. In this…
Author: Müftüoğlu, Nilgün
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