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JONSAE ID33 final.docx.pdf
Urinary tract infections pose a serious problem to people, both in the hospital
environment and outside world. They are characterized by high mortality and ability to cause
health problems in areas of the human body other than the urinary tract. It…
Author: Lamija Hafizović, Selma Karup, Almin Hadžialić

JONSAE 27 final.docx.pdf
Today, when looking at the quality of an online item, the feedback itself plays a very
important role. Based on the feedback we can decide whether the desired item is good or not, get a
picture of the seller and so on. Many companies that have…
Author: Abdulrahman Almonajed Dino Kečo

JONSAE 29.pdf
Filtering of unwanted frequencies represents the main aspect of digital signal processing (DSP) in
any modern communication system. The main role of the filter is to perform attenuation of certain frequencies
and pass only frequencies of interest.…
Author: Aladin Kapić1, Rijad Sarić1, Slobodan Lubura1, 2, Dejan Jokić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 3.pdf
In this paper, a new power calculation method has been presented. This method is based on a second-order generalized integrator frequency locked loop (SOGIFLL) and has enhanced features over classical methods for power calculation widely used in…
Author: Meris Lihić, Slobodan Lubura

JONSAE 16.pdf
The usage of handwritten character recognition has been useful for usage from large to
common consumer usage. The transitional period of the handwritten to the digital age can be
largely improved by focusing on perfecting handwritten character…
Author: Demir Korać, Samed Jukić, Mujo Hadžimehanović

JONSAE, volume 4, issue 2, article 1.pdf
This review's main goal is to increase theoretical knowledge and comprehension of the techniques used to separate important enzymes using chromatography. Protein separation, purification, and analysis frequently involve the use of hydrophobic…
Author: Nermana Kovačević, Mohammad Tariq AL-Boush

JONSAE 12.pdf
With a rapid development and a massive deployment of electric vehicles, the power system is
facing many challenges regarding power quality and voltage stability. This paper deals with the impact
of electric vehicle in grid-to-vehicle mode depending…
Author: Naida Nalo, Emina Kišija, Mirza Šarić

JONSAE 2018 - Selimovic, Saracevic, Doljak.docx
Abstract - This paper presents an algorithm for triangulation of non-convex polygons on the principle of Graham’s scan. This method is based on finding the so-called "ear" of triangulation of the observed polygons. Second aspect is storing in a…
Author: Faruk Selimović

JONSAE ID34 final.docx.pdf
The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the influence of distributed generation on
power quality. Nowadays, interest in power quality has increased since it has become a very
important issue in power system delivery. One of the major…
Author: Alma Halilović, Lejla Mujanović, Jasna Hivziefendić

JONSAE 22.pdf
The purpose of this paper is to identify and collect most commonly discussed project
success factors in the context of information systems (IS) projects. Through the process of review of
88 books, relevant studies and scientific works 72 success…
Author: Nermina Durmic
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