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Volume 3, issue 2, article 2.pdf
It can be confidently stated that access to education is one of the most prized possessions available to us today. Although there are underlying factors such as the discrepancies in the education being provided worldwide, it is imperative that data…
Author: Ezana Ćeman, Ajdin Salihović, Samed Jukić

JONSAE 20.pdf
A comprehensive treatment from the physical and mathematical perspective supply
modelling, analysis, control and covers a range of topics including modelling, computation of load
flow in the transmission grid, stability analysis of the transient…
Author: Alma Halilović, Mirza Šarić

JONSAE 15.pdf
​Access control includes attendance checking and intrusion prevention. It is used to protect
property, employees and other assets of a company or institution. Since attendance checking and
intrusion detection are important segments of many…
Author: Mujo Hadžimehanović, ​Dino Kečo,​ ​Demir Korać​

SalihovicMusicJokic - CommunicationInSmartHomesWithEmphasisOnPowerLineCommunication.docx
Abstract: Power Line Communication (PLC) is a technology that allows consumers to use the already existing wiring infrastructure to exchange information. This paper overviews narrowband PLC in home automation, starting from the basics of power line…
Author: Ina Salihović

JONSAE, volume 4, issue 1, article 3.pdf
Cancer is an abnormal proliferation of cells that is characterized by the
presence of genomic alterations including DNA mutations, deletions, insertions,
translocations, inversions, and others. KRAS gene is one of the most mutated
genes across…
Author: Azra Hajdarevic, LanaSalihefendic, RijadKonjhodzic, Adis Kandic, Ivana Ceko, DinoPecar, Muhamed Curic, Amina Kurtovic – Kozaric

JONSAE 21 final.docx.pdf
Within the last 20 years, there has been witnessed a significant increase of the urban
population of Sarajevo, as a result of economic and social migrations. Consequently, this has caused
an increasing demand for new housing which is mainly…
Author: Emina Mehić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 7.pdf
COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes in people’s lifestyles. Some of those changes hurt people's mental health in different age groups. This research is done to investigate which factors contributed most to the occurrence of depressive and anxiety…
Author: Mersiha Ćeranić, Samed Jukić

JONSAE 19.pdf
Thrombophilia is a condition that is associated with an individual’s risk for venous or
arterial thrombosis, as well as a risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Gene variants that are the most
commonly associated with inherited thrombophilia are F5…
Author: Nermin Đuzić, Adna Ašić

Hadzic_2019_Effect of initial bacterial innoculum density on zones of inhibition in disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility testing.docx
Abstract - The primary objective of this study was to show how the density of the initial bacterial inoculum effects the zone inhibition in Disk diffusion Bauer Kirby (BK) antibiotic susceptibility testing. In this study, three strains of…
Author: Aldijana Hadžić

JONSAE ID37 final.docx.pdf
B. subtilis is normally considered a soil organism, it can be also found in the animal and
human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii is a type of Bacillus subtilis complex.
It shares up to 99% of homology with B. subtilis…
Author: Selma Cifric
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