Biometrics Based Access Control System

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Biometrics Based Access Control System


Mujo Hadžimehanović, ​Dino Kečo,​ ​Demir Korać​


​Access control includes attendance checking and intrusion prevention. It is used to protect
property, employees and other assets of a company or institution. Since attendance checking and
intrusion detection are important segments of many educational institutions and other businesses as
well, it is important to make these processes faster, easier and as convenient as possible. Lots of
institutions are suffering from unreliable attendance checking methods, so we have decided to use
biometrics, more precisely face recognition to automate and improve this overall process. As part of
this study the full system has been implemented for recognition of people. As an example of usage in
an educational institutions multiple photos will be recorded during the class session, so that in case
of students leave class after the first shot, they will be removed from attendance sheet. All
recognized people will be stored in Mongo database as an array of features and later read from
database and processed by using Python script for face recognition. All educational institutions are
going to have benefits from this study. Benefits would be improving attendance management and


Keywords - attendance, face, images, recognition




International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Journal of Natural Sciences and Engineering


January, 2020

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