Analysis of High School Graduate Data Using Database Analytics Tools

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Analysis of High School Graduate Data Using Database Analytics Tools


Ezana Ćeman, Ajdin Salihović, Samed Jukić


It can be confidently stated that access to education is one of the most prized possessions available to us today. Although there are underlying factors such as the discrepancies in the education being provided worldwide, it is imperative that data scientists and all those interested take advantage of the data publicly available to draw necessary insights into how to better the education sector in our respective countries. The purpose of this research is to showcase various analytical insights into the 2020 New York State (NYS) high school graduation rate data using various advanced database systems techniques, specifically using SQL. With these analyses, further studies and conclusions can be drawn for local governments to implement into their plans to increase the quality of the schooling system, to aim for equality for all without regard to cultural and ethnic background, and to find discrepancies within the current system.</div>


Database, data analysis, graduate, high school, New York State, SQL


ISSN 2637-2835




International Burch University


English language


Original research

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