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Volume 3, issue 2, article 7.pdf
COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes in people’s lifestyles. Some of those changes hurt people's mental health in different age groups. This research is done to investigate which factors contributed most to the occurrence of depressive and anxiety…
Author: Mersiha Ćeranić, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 6.pdf
In recent years IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) platforms are becoming one of the most popular entertainment multimedia services which are used to serve movies, tv-series and other video and audio attractive content using the Internet Protocol.…
Author: Vedad Njuhović, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 5.pdf
K-means and hierarchical clustering algorithms are employed to cluster genes according to the gene expression to determine the harming level of the genes in brain cancer. The gene expression data with a control group from The Cancer Genome Atlas…
Author: Fatih Yilmaz, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 4.pdf
Homicide rates are still high in the world and they are the worst crime in human existence. Despite all the technological advances and usage of information by various agencies, the number of homicides is not decreasing. Homicide prediction in certain…
Author: Lamija Zukić, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, issue 2, article 3.pdf
In this paper, a new power calculation method has been presented. This method is based on a second-order generalized integrator frequency locked loop (SOGIFLL) and has enhanced features over classical methods for power calculation widely used in…
Author: Meris Lihić, Slobodan Lubura

Volume 3, issue 2, article 2.pdf
It can be confidently stated that access to education is one of the most prized possessions available to us today. Although there are underlying factors such as the discrepancies in the education being provided worldwide, it is imperative that data…
Author: Ezana Ćeman, Ajdin Salihović, Samed Jukić

Volume 3, Issue 2, article 1.pdf
Cancer is a very troubling disease due to its unique morphological characteristics,
capacity for drug resistance, and immunosuppressive abilities. Traditional methods used both for research of cancer and its subsequent treatment have fallen short of…
Author: Hannah Boone

JONSAE ID37 final.docx.pdf
B. subtilis is normally considered a soil organism, it can be also found in the animal and
human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii is a type of Bacillus subtilis complex.
It shares up to 99% of homology with B. subtilis…
Author: Selma Cifric

JONSAE ID34 final.docx.pdf
The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the influence of distributed generation on
power quality. Nowadays, interest in power quality has increased since it has become a very
important issue in power system delivery. One of the major…
Author: Alma Halilović, Lejla Mujanović, Jasna Hivziefendić

JONSAE ID33 final.docx.pdf
Urinary tract infections pose a serious problem to people, both in the hospital
environment and outside world. They are characterized by high mortality and ability to cause
health problems in areas of the human body other than the urinary tract. It…
Author: Lamija Hafizović, Selma Karup, Almin Hadžialić
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