Research of the Psychological Factors That Have Influence on Consumer Behavior

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Research of the Psychological Factors That Have Influence on Consumer Behavior


Sandra Soče , KRALJEVIĆ


Psychological factors are an interesting area of research because they are "hidden", they cannot be seen, and so we do not know how they act on consumers. This research was necessary to determine whether psychological factors (motivation, perception, learning, beliefs and attitudes) have influence on the behavior of consumers when they choose retail trade or on creation of satisfied and loyal customers. For each of the psychological factors have created a different claims that relate on the most common factors based on which consumers make decisions about the choice of retail stores.As a key factor that affects the choice of retailing and the consumer satisfaction singled out the kindness and helpfulness of the sales staff inside the retail trade. It is surprising that prices are only fourth of the factors based on which consumers choose retail. In recent years, it was a lot of talk about the global crisis, unemployment, and one would expect that the price be in the first place. But that just shows that the quality of service is necessary to considered as the source of competitive advantage.Aim of the owners should be building a relationship of trust with consumers. Their interests should be viewed as interests of partners in achieving success.Research has shown that consumer satisfaction results in their return again to retail and sharing positive experiences on family, friends, and acquaintances.Satisfied consumers are generally becoming loyal consumers and the retail trades with them have no fear that they will cross the competition. Keywords: psychological factors, consumer behavior, satisfaction, loyalty, retail.




ISSN 2303-4564


International Burch University





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