Technological Progress as a Generator of Economic Growth and Development

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Technological Progress as a Generator of Economic Growth and Development


Rebic, Mladen
Sarenac, Nemanja


Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), as well as many other countries in transition, was faced with inadequate and insufficient technological progress, which is the result of years of neglect of investment in science, research, and new technology. This paper attempts to present the actual situation in B&H in terms of technological progress, innovation and investment in scientific research, as well as to offer basic guidelines for getting out of this difficult situation. B&H is located at the bottom of the all European countries when it comes to innovation, research and new technologies, and consequently it is not surprising that the B&H economy consistently recorded poor results. Investment in research and development and employee education is the primary goal of any successful company, whether it is a small, medium-sized enterprise or oligopoly. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to determine the guidelines i.e. strategic objectives, which will constitute the basis for future progress of B&H in the field of technological progress. Empirical research, which was conducted in order to determine the strategic objectives, has been carried out by using a questionnaire built on a sample of the leading experts in this field in B&H.




International Burch University





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