Price Related Constructs’ Effects on Daily Deal Buying Behavior in Turkey

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Price Related Constructs’ Effects on Daily Deal Buying Behavior in Turkey


ASIL, Hilal
OZEN, Hilal


Abstract: Daily deal sites have become so popular in Turkey just as they have in many other countries. Heavy discounted offers for products or services attract most of the people to these new marketplaces. Glancing over the offers before starting to work became a habit for some of the people. However, some others do not have any interest to daily deals. So, it can be said that behavioral differences are unavoidable among customers. There are different forces that initiate the buying process. In this study, factors that affect buying behaviors of people from daily deal sites are investigated. The effect of buying behavior on satisfaction is also examined. Price related constructs (price consciousness, price mavenism, sale proneness and coupon proneness) and impulse buying tendencies of customers are taken as predictors of buying behavior from daily deal sites. Results suggest that price mavenism and coupon proneness are positively related with buying behaviors from online daily deal sites. On the other hand satisfaction come about to be a positive result of buying behavior. Even though the focus of this study is specific to a limited group, it is envisaged that the results will provide insights for both academics and e-tailers. Keywords: Daily Deal Sites, Online Shopping, Turkey, Structural Equation Modeling. JEL Classifications: M31, M10




International Burch University





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