Possibilities of Development of Private Health Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Possibilities of Development of Private Health Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Kozarević, Safet
Nuhanović, Senija
Hrnjić, Irnela


Abstract: Increased rise in costs of healthcare in the last five decades has rapidly increased interest in the functioning of healthcare systems within every country. The reasons for growth in healthcare costs are related to demographic changes, technology advancement, increased number of educated persons, emergence of new diseases, etc. Financing the risk of poor health is mainly organized through programs of social and private health insurance. Regarding the management of the risks of poor health in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the social health insurance system is the basic solution for the population. However, in BiH, as in other countries in the world, the system of social insurance has become unfeasible and it is necessary to search for new solutions, that is, to reform the system. The research subject in this paper is private/voluntary health insurance offered by insurance companies, which can be an efficient addition to social insurance in BiH. It has become present on the market of private insurance in BiH only recently, so its share in the total premium of private insurance is still minor. Therefore, a primary research was conducted on the possibilities for its development as well as on the need and acceptance by the users of healthcare services. Besides, there was a need for examining the performance of the existing system of social health insurance, based on the principles of Bismarck’s model of financing, and recognizing its disadvantages. By identifying and eliminating obstacles for development of voluntary health insurance, it is possible to improve performance of the existing system of health insurance in BiH.




International Burch University





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