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Ab stract: Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the economic development of emerging countries. The lack of access to finances is one of the important growth constraints the SMEs face. This study investigates the firm…
Author: Nizaeva, Mirgul Coskun, Ali

Author: DUMAN, Teoman Orhan, Mehmet Hadžiahmetović Dogru, Nereida

Abstract: The current research is an attempt to offer new insights into the association between hiring high-quality audit firms and corporate debt maturity structure. To this end, 94 firms listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange were scrutinized for the…
Author: Ahmadi, Mobina Gerayli, Mehdi Safari

Abstract: World experience shows that in Russia and other countries, the development of rural tourism can be a very effective activity aimed at environmental, economic, and social development. Today, about 20000 villages in Russia are on the verge…
Author: Ananchenkova, Polina

Abstract: Intellectual capital opened the way for research into this area, which forms the basis of the new knowledge economy. The development of intellectual capital has a growing impact on the economic and social processes. Intellectual capital…
Author: Arnaut, Dino

Abstract: One of the greatest challenges faced by auditors is to detect anomalies in financial statement reporting. Once the anomalies are detected they have to be further investigated by forensic accountants. However, the practice of forensic…
Author: BULJUBASIC, Elvisa Halilbegovic, Sanel

Abstract: Balkan is part of Europe, but in the past years it has not been known like that and negative effect of it continue also now days with not being part of European Union and not having profit from that. Balkan states have been under…
Author: Bendo, Gejsi

Abstract: Aware of the effect on the domestic production is a huge process which includes numbers of different research on various theory which are explaining the terms aware of somethinh in a term of buying somethinh or product. Many researchers…
Author: Bozalija, Berin DUMAN, Teoman

Abstract: Quality of township management is highly related to society, and it reflects the local government situation. The paper presents the idea of improving the quality of service in local government through the application of TQM. This paper…
Author: Celik, Mirza Sasic, Dzevad

Abstract : The paper examines the relationship between tourism demand and its macroeconomic determinants (GDP, oil price, exchange rate) with an aim to test the dynamic interdependence between them in the case of Tunisia. Using yearly data from 1971…
Author: DHAOUI, Abderrazak Sekrafi, Habib Ghandri, Mohamed
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