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The popularity of product placement as a viable alternative to traditional commercials has been increasing rapidly. Latest PQ Media report (2012) noted that global spending on product placement has already reached $8.25 billion. However, despite its…
Author: Jusufovic-Karisik, Vildan

Albania was the last country 23 years ago that broke down the communist regime paving the way for the establishment of pluralism and the creation of Democratic Party, the first political force in the country. In these years Albania has undergone…
Author: FEJZAJ, Marsela DHROSO, Jonida

Tourism is one of the most promising industries in the world and is expected to contribute to economic development of countries. The sector also has positive role in balancing national economies in terms of current account deficit and external debts.…
Author: KANTARCI, Kemal UNVER, Mustafa DEVELIOGLU, Kazim

In all countries, the main purpose of taxes is to finance public spending. However, according to Keynesian school, governments apply for the taxes not only for public funding, but also for achieving the objectives of fiscal policy. Recently,…

In today's world of highly competitive economy with frequent and rapid changes, business managers are faced with an increasing need to make right decisions at the right time. Right information is one of the key resources for high quality business…
Author: SARAČ, Mirhet

This paper focused on the effects of some socio-demographic factors on the decision of the consumer to purchase packed or unpacked milk in Sivas, Turkey. The data were collected from 300 consumers by using face to face survey technique. Binary…
Author: Meral, Uzunoz

One can argue that there is vast amount of difference in behavior and expectation of generations. In this paper, we try to bring together some insights about generation z and their role in today's world. Firstly, we take a brief look at the…
Author: TAGRAF, Hasan OZKAN, Ahmet Murat NEMUTLU, Gorkem

Consistency ratio (CR) is a very important indicator for achieving the reliability of an individual’s pairwise comparisons in Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Although the applications of fuzzy AHP need this kind of CR results as well, only a few…
Author: Bülent, Başaran

In 1970s and 1980s the concept of sustainability developed as a process of protection for the elements that social, economic and eceological systems need. During the Environment and Development Summit held in 1992, decisions were made about the…
Author: Toksari , Murat

In societies where men are dominant, women generally live under the domination of men. In these societies; women do not think, produce and express an opinion. According to man; woman does household chores, take care of children and provide…
Author: ULUKOY, Metin AKCI, Yavuz
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