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JONSAE 31 final.docx.pdf
– While leveraging cloud computing for large-scale distributed applications allows
seamless scaling, many companies struggle following up with the amount of data generated in terms
of efficient processing and anomaly detection, which is a necessary…
Author: Ibrahim Muzaferija, Zerina Mašetić

JONSAE 24 final.docx.pdf
The study examined the forms and models of cloud computing technology adopted in the
selected institutions from four states in Southwestern Nigeria. The three purposively selected institutions
were Federal, State and Private owned making twelve…
Author: Gbonjubola Oluwafunmilayo Binuyo

JONSAE 13.pdf
Power system stability represents an important condition of the safe and efficient operation of
the electric power system. This paper presents the transient stability analysis for the case of the new
generator grid connection. The analysis is…
Author: Ermin Šunj, Ammar Arpadžić, Mirza Šarić

Cultural Quarter- Marijin Dvor-2.docx
Abstract - Urban development and regeneration that is powered by the idea of culture has become a norm and part of legislation in most European cities since the 1990’s. This notion has been encored on the development of the ‘Creative City’, a…
Author: Lejla Odoabsic Novo

THE RETURN OF THE MODERN -by Luka Korleat.docx
The second half of nineties and twenties were the building Eldorado: the bank loans were shared without any delays to entrepreneurs and apartment buyers. It was built a lot and very uncertainly. Speaking of Zagreb, the slopes of Medvenice were…

JONSAE, volume 4, issue 1, article 2.pdf
Various plants have been used in traditional medicine for thousands
of years as natural medicines with therapeutic and other pharmacologic
effects. Bioactive compounds found in plants, such as flavonoids, trace minerals,
essential oils, phenols,…
Author: Lejla Kadric

Volume 3, Issue 2, article 1.pdf
Cancer is a very troubling disease due to its unique morphological characteristics,
capacity for drug resistance, and immunosuppressive abilities. Traditional methods used both for research of cancer and its subsequent treatment have fallen short of…
Author: Hannah Boone

JONSAE, volume 4, issue 1, article 4.pdf
In this research, we will be assessing the general health status of the
Sarajevo Canton residents by analyzing the biochemical test results for the
samples from the study cohort collected in 2021 for the following testing panels:
lipid panel,…
Author: Faris Ramic

JONSAE 23.pdf
Since the early beginnings of education systems, attendance has always played a crucial
role in student success, as well as in the overall interest of the matter. The most productive way of
increasing the student attendance rate is to understand…
Author: Ibrahim Muzaferija1, Zerina Mašetić2, Samed Jukić3, Dino Kečo4

JONSAE, volume 4, issue 2, article 2.pdf
In the last decade, the usage of renewable energy is on the rise, and that trend will only continue because technology is becoming more developed, so renewable energy sources are going to offer more for the same price. Besides all positive…
Author: Lejla Idrizović, Lejla Lulić Skopljak, Faris Haznadarević, Haris Ahmetović
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