Relationship Of Environment-Industry In Sustainable Development

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Relationship Of Environment-Industry In Sustainable Development


Ünal, Çiğdem
Karatop, Buket


Thought of analysis necessity of environmental problems arising from production have become prevalent as a principal concern with onset of utilization concept of sustainable development in industry. Sustainable development has comprehensive dimensions as economical, environmental and cultural aspects. However, only dimension of environmentindustry of sustainable development has been handled in this study. Problems put forward within this relationship framework are industrial solid wastes, waste water, energy consumption and hazards which release sources give to environment. Amount of industrial solid waste of Turkey in 2004 is 17.4 million ton and out of this, only 7.7 % proportion part has been recycled, 46.9 % has been disposed of. These disposed solid wastes have been removed by pouring 47.2 % rate to seas, lakes and rivers. Rate of solid water released without treated in the same dates is 64.1 %. Industry has 30.7 % share in CO2 emission. In addition to this, amount of greenhouse gas emission shows increase in each year. Turkey requires more clean and renewable energy sources in terms of sustainable development.


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