Getting Increase of the Aquaculture Population and Varieties with the Artificial Habitats

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Getting Increase of the Aquaculture Population and Varieties with the Artificial Habitats


Guner, Yusuf
Can, Erkan
Kayim, Murathan
Turkmen, Gurel
Canyurt, Mehmet Ali


The significance and protection of the biological diversity in the continental waters of countries in the world has become one of the concerns which should be addressed as a matter of urgency. The scientists consistently underline the fact that several species are endangered to extinct and that the number and population of such species are gradually decreasing. There observed many causes of the extinction of the species. The heavily increase of the human population is the most important reason for this. Such a heavy increase leads to establishment of new settlement areas and constriction of the wild life. In this case, the number of wild species extinct rapidly. Several scientists and members of the nature protection organizations are aware of this particular case and conduct studies to protect the natural environment of the wild life. In this context, the wild life should be given the chance to reproduce through formation of the national parks and natural protection zones. Such parks and zones should function as a shelter for some of the wild species. However, the measures always include the inland environments. As a matter of fact, sea and lake ecosystems should also be protected. It is a well known fact that one of the most important reasons of the species leading their lives in the inland waters is the excessive fishing. When the environmental pollution is taken into account, the descendance of several species is left to chance. In addition global warming and climatic changes may have an impact on this particular matter. In this case, it can be argued that various fisheries in the continental waters may extinct. It is an inevitable fact that the scientific studies to be conducted to increase the population of the fisheries and water products in the lakes and rivers of the country through promoting the survival of miscellaneous fishes and aqua Formation of artificial habitats in the lakes and rivers and such other appropriate locations may be of importance in the future. In this context, our study will bear a torch on the researches to be conducted for the ecological and sustainable water resources.


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