―Coopertive Learning in ELT: A Literature Review

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―Coopertive Learning in ELT: A Literature Review


MADEN, Deniz


Cooperative learning has received increased attention in recent years due to the movement through learner centred learning. This paper provides an overview of the use of cooperative learning (CL) and effects of it in second language instruction. After three brief definitions of CL, key areas are discussed in the paper. The first part of the article provides the theory of language and learning in CL while the second part introduces the objectives, syllabus, types of learning and teaching activities and the roles of teacher, learners and instructional materials in CL. The article concludes cooperative learning makes maximum use of cooperative activitites involving pairs and small groups of learners in the classroom. Moreover, it establishes a democratic form of teaching. It enhances both the individual and the community. Each student can share his/her ideas and learn to listen and respect each other. Furthermore, Cooperative learning influences collabarative spirit among students by minimizing competition leading to conflicts in today‘s world.


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