Usage Of Clove Oil In Aquarium Fish (Pangasius Pangasius Hamilton, 1822)

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Usage Of Clove Oil In Aquarium Fish (Pangasius Pangasius Hamilton, 1822)


Müge , Aliye Hekimoğlu


The aquarium fish occupies an important place in hobby industry. When to increase the profit margin in trading, despite of filling a small amount of oxygen and water into plastic packages, they put into a large number of aquarium fish were identified from wholesalers. This leads to stress on the fish. The quality of water inside the package deteriorates for reasons such as rapid breathing and metabolic intensity. During transport or after, this situation can lead a portion of fish to death. This is resulted being pecuniary and interest loss from this hobby. Anesthetic agent is added to prevent this situation from carrying packages. Most of these chemicals are not organic. Clove oil, containing the active ingredient eugenol, has been determined to be an inexpensive and effective fish anaesthetic. It is known to be used safely in aquaculture. In Aquaculture practical studies have been used such as tags, transportation, shipping, vaccine etc. It is known that Clove oil is not harm to the environment. For the users it is in a safe substance. This study is determining the lowest dose of clove oil of transport or handling of some aquarium fishes for reduces their stress. Keywords: clove oil, eugenol, anaesthesia, sedative, aquarium fish, ornamental fish


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