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Summary: The article analyzes the main determinants and the specifics of the borrower right to prepay the loan defined by the financial services consumer protection law of FBH and Law on banks of the Republic of Srpska,ie legislation which is in the…
Author: Bajrić, Senad

Author: Društveni ogledi, Social Perspectives

Summary: Morality is not acquired characteristic of a person. One is not born as a moral person, as he is born with some innate, natural laws, that can never be taken away from him. If, however, they are forcefully taken away, they keep returning…
Author: Morait, Branko

Summary: The immediate objective and key problem this research aims to address is lack of current and unique policy on general product safety, particularly in the area of technical industrial products, which leads to fact that the BiH is the only…
Author: Mujčinović, Amila

Summary: In November 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Law entered into force in Federation BIH. The basic intention of the legislator was to achieve complete compliance with primary and secondary sources of EU law governing the issue of…
Author: Omerspahić, Zlatan

The aim of this paper is to present consumer protection in Croatia with special emphasis on distance and off-premises contracts. The focus in this paper is on a rather narrow, but extremely important field of consumer protection. Namely, it depicts…
Author: Petrašević, Tunjica Poretti, Paula

This paper analyzes the information obligations as one of the instruments of consumer protection created in European consumer law. As a result of the fulfullment obligation of approximation of laws with ascquis, this instrument takes a important…
Author: Petrović, Anita

Summary: Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted Law on guarantor’s protection in 2013. It is a lex specialis which regulates legal protection of guarantor as a special category of persons in loan agreement. However, the law…
Author: Radić, Darko Jotanović, Radenko

This paper analyses one of the basic consumer's rights in the Union – the right to be informed, and in the context of the new regulation on housing loans – Directive 2014/17. With its content, Directive 2014/17 regulates key issues of housing…
Author: Vilašević, Mujo

Summary: The exercise of fundamental market freedoms in the European Union includes the freedom of movement of persons in order to attain the right to health care. A part of the possibility to access health services in the Member States where they…
Author: Čolaković, Maja Bevanda, Marko
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