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Abstract: This study examines the impact of lending from commercial banks on performance of small enterprises. Financial data of forty business entities of district Hafizabad have been collected from commercial banks, for the period of 2005 to…
Author: Janjua, Azhar Ali Hayat, Muhammad Azmat Aslam, Muhammad

healthcare system practice as its share in GDP has constantly increased during past decades, which is now above 10% of GDP in developed countries. However, very often it is more of an issue related to the current political and socio-economic…
Author: KOZAREVIĆ, Emira Đonlagić Alibegović, Sabina Krdzalic, Tatjana

Financial effects of monetisation through concession in the sector of energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) may well increase the level of domestic investments, production, exports, employment and general economic growth, without additional higher…

The world economy is facing a variety of financial and economic challenges caused by different economic and political crises. Furthermore, the crises have had a negative impact that has been reflected on the macroeconomic indicators of each national…
Author: MAZLLAMI, Jeton

This paper supports research activities related to the performances of banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Observing diversified, decentralized and inhomogeneous banking market of Bosnia and Herzegovina arises questions such as whether large banks are…
Author: MEMIĆ, Deni MEMIĆ, Nedim PAŠIĆ, Sanela

The purpose of the study is twofold. The first purpose of the study is to investigate the relations between personality characteristics and emotional intelligence of the Millennials. Costa and McCrea’s Big Five Personality Inventory (IPIP-NEO) is…
Author: ORDUN, Guven AKUN, Asli

Abstract: The process of economical and political transition in the Western Balkans, up to this point has shown a high correlation between achieved economical results and the determination of national authorities for drawing and implementing policies…
Author: OSMANI, Rufi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is a co-integration amongst (3) three Balkan countries; Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia and Turkey in relation to the German stock market (important for the Europe scale). For this…
Author: SAHIN, Cumhur

Author: Teoman, Duman, Editor

Abstract: Macroeconomic stabilization of every country depends largely upon the conduct of appropriate economic policy, which comprises both fiscal and monetary policy; therefore, it is of great importance to choose the most adequate and productive…
Author: ŽIVKOVIĆ, Matej HODŽIĆ, Lejla
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