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A global, rapidly changing and advancing world of information age, states in terms of standing and resources to be effective, efficient and people have to use it to live in prosperity, especially in a state that is not strong in the universal space…
Author: iBiCiOĞLU, Hasan AK, Belma ÇiFTÇi, Münire GÖK, ibrahim Yasar DERYA, Seher

The aim of this study is to explain the long and short run probable effects on the economic growth of human capital. According to main hypothesis of research, as human capital raises, the economic capital raises. In our analysis, human capital is…
Author: ZORTUK, Mahmut BAKIRTAS, ibrahim VARSAK, Serkan

The article uses AHP weighted TOPSIS multi-methodological approach in the Turkish domestic aviation industry. It starts by describing exceedingly complex nature of competition in the sector. Then, it deals with the constituent parts of the research…
Author: ZAİM, Halil ŞANAL, Mehmet TORLAK, Nuri Gökhan ZAİM, Selim

Transition economies have undergone an enormous transformation since 1989- 1991. After the recession of the early 1990’s, some of these economies experienced a GDP recovery, at a different pace, with different outcomes in terms of economic growth…
Author: YUMUSAK, ibrahim Güran BiLEN, Mahmut

HRM discipline, occurring in 1920’s in the USA, has been predominant in the USA and the European countries and there has been evolving phases throughout the 20th century (Storey, 1989). It has been observed that the activities, objectives,…
Author: YILDIZ, Gültekin BAYRAKTAROĞLU, Serkan ÖZDEMİR, Yasemin BALABAN, Özlem

Although the difficulty in carrying out the human resources’ practices into life in different cultures is a major problem that the implementers have been handling for years, the “appraisal errors”, which are important obstacles in front of an…
Author: YILDIZ, Gültekin BALTACI, Adem

Accounting is a knowledge system which records, classifies and summarizes the economic activities of the companies. In this turn accounting has very close links with many social economic factors that shapes an accounting system in a coıuntry. The…
Author: YILDIZ, Feyyaz ELİTAŞ, Cemal ÜÇ, Mustafa

In this paper, the reasons and solutions of the 2008 global economic crisis are discussed. In the first part, a comparision of 2008 global crisis with 1929 economic crisis, the effects of each and also the differences are explained. The champions…
Author: YAVUZ, Arif

This study proposes a financial computable general equilibrium (CGE) model, which represents the salient features of the Turkish economy. By including 15 production sectors and linking the real and financial sub-models through various channels of…
Author: ULUSSEVER , Talat

The Global Integration process, new regulations and the developments in the technology of internet have changed the nature and the structure of the financial services on a large scale. The fact that financial services have been carried out by using…
Author: TOPAL, Yusuf KAYAHAN, Cantürk
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