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Abstract: This paper analyses the inflationary process in Croatia during the period 1992-2011, using a cointegration with structural break approach. Our results indicate that there is a long-run relationship between inflation, exchange rate, unit…
Author: Malešević Perović, Lena

Abstract: The paper estimates Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate (ERER) using co-integration methodology to observe relationship between Real Exchange Rate (RER) and selected economic fundamental variables over two different sample periods. Time period…
Author: Omerbegović Arapović, Adisa

Abstract: The following paper analyzes potential effects of the demographic changes on private consumption. An extended Almost Ideal Demand System is used to simulate changes in the consumption of goods and services due to the ageing of the…
Author: Walder, Birgit Aigner

Abstract: This study re-examines the long run relationship between the budget and current account deficits in an oil-dependent open economy like Nigeria using a multivariate Granger causality test within the VECM framework. This result confirmed the…
Author: Amaghionyeodiwe, Lloyd Ahamefule Opeyemi, Akinyemi

Abstract: The objective of this study is, on one hand, to determine whether the banking crises occurring in advanced economies in the 1990s and 2000s share the same roots, and on the other hand, whether aggregated accounting indicators are good…
Author: Boudebbous, Thouraya

Abstract: This paper analyses the net trade credit and its determinants for a sample of 25 non-financial firms for the period 2011-2013. The sample is derived from the Macedonian Stock Exchange. The net trade credit is the dependent variable. The…
Author: DEARI, Fitim

Abstract: In this paper, we examine the impact of investor psychological state on their trading volume for the US stock market using a VECM model for the period from July 1987 to May 2014. We propose alternative specifications for investors’…
Author: DHAOUI, Abderrazak

Abstract: The stabilized economic growth in the long-run lies ahead as an obstacle in the long road of development for many transition economies especially for those are in the Balkans. Some of the Balkan countries such as Croatia and Bulgaria have…
Author: GÖRGÜLÜ, Mehmet Emre

Abstract: The article presents an inclusive framework on three major constructs namely intercultural communication competence, service reliability and customer satisfaction in the grocery retail settings in Malaysia. The constructs’ validity and…
Author: Ihtiyar, Ali Fauziah, Sh. Ahmad

Abstract: This paper aims to investigate empirically the determinants of FDI for Turkey over the annual period of 1975-2012. Our main interest is to study how different reflecting inflows of FDI in Turkey are. This study examines time series data…
Author: KALYONCU, Hüseyin TULUCE, Nadide YAPRAK, Zeynep Ozturk
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