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Cultural Quarter- Marijin Dvor-2.docx
Abstract - Urban development and regeneration that is powered by the idea of culture has become a norm and part of legislation in most European cities since the 1990’s. This notion has been encored on the development of the ‘Creative City’, a…
Author: Lejla Odoabsic Novo

Hadzic_2019_Effect of initial bacterial innoculum density on zones of inhibition in disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility testing.docx
Abstract - The primary objective of this study was to show how the density of the initial bacterial inoculum effects the zone inhibition in Disk diffusion Bauer Kirby (BK) antibiotic susceptibility testing. In this study, three strains of…
Author: Aldijana Hadžić

JONSAE 2018 - Selimovic, Saracevic, Doljak.docx
Abstract - This paper presents an algorithm for triangulation of non-convex polygons on the principle of Graham’s scan. This method is based on finding the so-called "ear" of triangulation of the observed polygons. Second aspect is storing in a…
Author: Faruk Selimović

Abstract – Recently, there have been significant changes in the power system operation and management. These changes are driven by deregulation and market liberalization policies and include significant technical innovations and introduction of…
Author: Mirza Šarić

Optimal Network Reconfiguration of the Distribution Network - 23.04.2019..docx
Abstract - For efficient power flow in the distribution system, one of the most important components is the accurate loss and voltage deviation minimization. This work gives an insight into the minimization process of the loss and voltage deviation…
Author: Lejla Bandić

Abstract - In the past decade transportation systems have been augmented with information and communication technology to provide innovative services to the participants in the traffic. This synergy has resulted in safer and more optimized…
Author: Samir Kurtanovic

SalihovicMusicJokic - CommunicationInSmartHomesWithEmphasisOnPowerLineCommunication.docx
Abstract: Power Line Communication (PLC) is a technology that allows consumers to use the already existing wiring infrastructure to exchange information. This paper overviews narrowband PLC in home automation, starting from the basics of power line…
Author: Ina Salihović

THE RETURN OF THE MODERN -by Luka Korleat.docx
The second half of nineties and twenties were the building Eldorado: the bank loans were shared without any delays to entrepreneurs and apartment buyers. It was built a lot and very uncertainly. Speaking of Zagreb, the slopes of Medvenice were…

JONSAE 12.pdf
With a rapid development and a massive deployment of electric vehicles, the power system is
facing many challenges regarding power quality and voltage stability. This paper deals with the impact
of electric vehicle in grid-to-vehicle mode depending…
Author: Naida Nalo, Emina Kišija, Mirza Šarić

JONSAE 13.pdf
Power system stability represents an important condition of the safe and efficient operation of
the electric power system. This paper presents the transient stability analysis for the case of the new
generator grid connection. The analysis is…
Author: Ermin Šunj, Ammar Arpadžić, Mirza Šarić
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